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February 17, 2013Audio & Video


Replay Telecorder for Skype Coupon

When a new idea is generated and a new software program sees the light of day it’s like a revolution. The same was with the first MP3 player to listen music, first chat software to communicate, first video player to watch your favorite videos or first web browser to navigate on the Internet. Possible you still remember, how this was for the first time, when you installed and run them. At the beginning all the users were happy and looked like they received everything they dreamed on, but after some time they saw that more and more features are needed.

For sure the companies develop these products and after this release many new updates. Anyway this is not always enough, because the companies are just few but the people who use such type of products are millions and the needs in customization is big for sure. So this is the case when small companies help a lot the market as they manage to add some more great features to the most known worldwide software products.

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These companies develop so called add-on, modules which come to extend the functionality of the base software product. I am sure almost of you heard about Skype. It has a lot of great features and with every new version you may find many others new. Anyway the need in customization and add-ons will always be.

How to Save Your Customers’ Time?

Replay Telecorder for Skype is the software capable to record all your Skype Calls. Why do you need it? Let me tell you something from my experience. Just imagine that you have a company which offers remote services. How do you work with your customers? You use Skype to talk to them for sure. The customers tell to support team what issues do they have and then the system administrator is notified about the customers requirements using a paper or file. Just think how happy will be the customers if they don’t have to wait till the system administrator find out about their issues if you use a software program to record the Skype video calls.

So here comes Replay Telecorder for Skype to help you and save your customers time. It has a lot of features that allow you to record audio and videos calls. You have also many features which allow you to record the conversation in one or two separate video files. The files contain the local and remote cam video. If many people are involved in the video chat then you can record the whole conference. So this software is very easy to customize it and comes to extend your Skype functionality.


Just think no more notes and a lot of precious time saved! Once the meeting is ended, these videos can be accessed by all participants and they for sure will not miss any important detail of this chat, which will maximize the company’s productivity for sure.


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