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February 10, 2014Audio & Video


Replay Music Coupon

For those looking to use a high-standard recorder for music streaming that lets every user capture MP3 music, audio or sound files derived from all sorts of streaming platforms, Replay Music is the best option you may choose. This software application helps a user create compact discs and MP3s coming from DMS (Digital Music Services), internet-based radio stations, or from an MTV. With Replay Music, your music, song, soundtrack or audio files are captured and stored in the system individually, which comes with superior quality files for an MP3, artist automatically-tagged, as well as music category, title name, album and performer. By using this software, you can easily CD burn them and import all brand new MP3 files.

The good thing with Replay Music is that it can help you digitize all songs and music from your old cassette tapes and long playing albums. With Replay Music, you can record streaming music, soundtrack, or audio files, as well as split music tracks in a precise manner, auto song or music tagging, and comes with a user-friendly recording system for sorts of music. Definitely, this software is really a great help for all music enthusiasts who like to get the most of their favorite songs and other similar media files.

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Things to Expect from Replay Music

Replay Music software can help you capture and store in your system the music, song or soundtrack streamed from the internet through web based radio stations or music that are mostly streamed from music streaming websites such as Napster, Rhapsody and many more. The songs you recorded are automatically saved that comes with top-ranking MP3 files with 128kbs, as well as tag them automatically with the title of their songs and the performer’s/singer’s name should they become available. Moreover, this software application delivers compact disc burning integration system that lets you come up with a sound-based compact disc from your list of recordings.
With Replay Music, you can expect:

  • No required editing process
  • No additional converting system needed

System Requirements and Restrictions of Replay Music Software

If you wish to successfully use Replay Music, you would need to adhere to the system requirements given in this software. Replay Music only accepts computer configurations using widely-used operating systems in the world today such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista.


Your personal computer may either be a Pentium model with 400 megahertz or even higher versions. Plus, your PC must have a sound card, and optionally, you may include a compact disc burning tool or an MP3 playing system. On the contrary, Replay Music also comes with restrictions which are limited to just tagging 25 songs and recording them with just an info about the name of the track and its singer or performer.


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