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For the Forex traders using an EA for their trades can be a way for more steady profits and taking away the emotions from the trading process. An EA is a robot designed to automatically follow a trading strategy in your trading account. There are many Forex trading robots out on the market but not all of them allow you to get the best results. Choosing the right Forex EA is a key point that can make the difference between losing money and being profitable in your Forex trading. We will offer you an honest Forex Warrior Review to help you make your decision in you want to use this robot in your Forex trades.

The Forex Warrior is a profitable Forex robot. The program is specially designed for those traders that are looking for steady profits. The Forex Warrior EA has easily to understand feature and the strategy used in developing the Forex Warrior EA is not a scalping or other short term trading technique.

That makes it more reliable for steady profits and minimizes the loss because it’s well known that the long term trades are less risky and can be more profitable in the long run. The Forex Warrior trading robot works well in all market conditions even during times of bad economic news. The EA is made to work on the popular trading platform MT4.

What Forex Warrior does

In trading on the Forex market it is really important to have a strong and well proved trading strategy. Without using such a trading strategy your risks to lose money are much bigger. Many Forex traders are looking for that Tholy grail of Forex trading that can offer maximum profits with minimum loss Forex Warrior is a simple, yet so effective solution for those that want to have access to steady profits from trading Forex. The Forex Warrior EA is an expert advisor with easy to use settings that makes it and profitable right out of the box.

The product is offered by the RegNow software vendor. Many websites are presenting information about this Forex EA and in general all the users are giving positive feedback and reviews. The product is not totally new on the market and it’s already a well proved reliable EA. The creators of the Forex Warrior offer regular updates for the product. These updates introduce new features and fix any issues encountered by the users of the software.

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Forex Warrior version 6.1.1

The latest version of the Forex Warrior is the version 6.1.1. that introduced a few new features. The new version of Forex Warrior EA is fully compatible with the previous version. Now you can use a setting for BreakEven that allows traders to close the trade automatically at the breakeven level plus or minus a chosen number of pips, in case that the number of the grid. The BreakEven setting has a number of variables, such as CloseBE AutoLevel, the number of grid levels that triggers the BreakEven closure: the BEpips variable, that is the number of pips for BreakEven closure.


In Forex Warrior version 6.1 .1. was introduced a new logic of multi-grid trading That can be activated by setting MultiGridLogic = 2. The new version of the EA also introduces an option to place the information box in the right field of the chart. That option can be enabled if you set lnfoOnTheRight variable to TRUE. Choosing the right Forex EA is a key point that can make the difference between losing money and being profitable in your Forex trading. Our conclusion is that the Forex Warrior trading robot is a reliable tool that can automate the trading process and help traders to achieve greater profit levels.


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