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FlipBook Creator Pro for Mac Coupon

If you are looking for the ideal and software package to use for PDF file to Flash oriented flipbook that comes with authentic Macintosh page turning effect. FlipBook Creator Pro for Mac’s Pro version comes with diverse potent features for flipbook building process of users. Users of this software application can easily perform editing of PDF imported pages with native. FlipBook Creator Pro for Mac is perfect for YouTube or Flash video file embedding process, as well as website links adding, links of email and pages, background soundtrack insertion, album of image files, actions of java script, and many more. What’s more, this software package comes with limitless eBooks’ flipping page number creation, as well as on the number of web pages users can publish on the eBooks they have created. Make the most out of you flipbook creation activities on your Apple Macintosh device or gadget.

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What it Does
This online tool can effortlessly come up with flipbook, as well as perform online publishing in a user friendly approach. By using this superb software, you never need to utilize whatever sort of 3rd party program. Now with this tool on hand, you can swiftly handle flipbooks uploading process on the server used by the cyber server of flip page making system.

With this in mind, users can easily share their flipbooks as they send their Uniform Resource Locators (URL) going to many other users. The great thing to know about this software package is that it comes with diverse numbers of features and advantages that is not available from any other application programs of similar platform. Flipbook creation never comes so much faster through the help of this online tool. This likewise include live animated and wallpaper backgrounds, as well as extremely potent settings of a flipbook.

Advantages of this product

  • User friendly templates of Flash, as well as occasion and event themes
  • Automatically performs Social Networking Media Websites sharing
  • Requires no Hypertext Markup Language knowledge and Flash type of programming
  • Effortlessly saves Screen Saver, executable files, Hypertext Markup Language, as well as SWF
  • Limitless lifetime updating of Flipbook Maker product.

What does it Require

For those planning to start running this software application to their Apple Macintosh personal computers, they need to check if their systems meet the requirements. This online tool works perfectly fines with 10.5.6 and up versions of Mac operating system.


By using FlipBook Creator Pro for Mac, you can effortlessly come up with an astounding experience for the sake of offline and online spectators through an authentic eBook flipping page system. Today, you can perform PDF file to Flash file conversion easily and freely, as well as engage your offline and online spectators to use FlipBook Creator Pro for Mac. Know that the cyber integration service of this application program would make it possible for users to perform instant sharing of all sorts of publication direct from the program menu of FlipBook Creator Pro for Mac.
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