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It used to be in business that if you want to create professional documents for your customers or for your employees, you had to turn to a publisher to do it. The publisher was able to convert all of the images and documents that you had into a format that was suitable for printing or using some other way.
The expanded use of computers in business can mean that you know longer need to rely on a third party to do all of these types of things. Instead you can do this things in-house and produce documents and other publications in a forms that is easy to distribute. The results that you can get are comparable if not better than what you are able to get from a publishing firm.

You have more control over the content that you put in when you do it yourself. You can also change things easier when it is all done within your business. If you use the Flip PDF Corporate Edition, you will have the ability to do these types of things. The Flip PDF Corporate Edition can save you time and money and allow you to provide more information for your customers and employees.

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What it Does

Flip PDF Corporate Edition allows businesses to convert PDF files into digital flipbooks that can be distributed electronically. This software is available in both personal and business designs. The corporate edition provides many key tools that make it very attractive.

  • Many templates that make it easy to create your own publication
  • Allows up to five installations
  • Upgraded Security features
  • SWF, PNG and Button resources

The tools of this software can make it an invaluable part of any business. The business scan use this software to create eBooks. The eBooks are not the same that the home user can create. With this software, the user can choose the output source form HTML, EXE, Zip and CD files. Flip PDF Corporate Edition can also create a mobile file if needed. The eBooks that are created using this software will look like the same ones that a business had to pay publishers a small fortune to do. The most important aspect of this software is not everything that it can do. The list is long and it may be possible to find other software that can do many of the same things. While this is great, the fact that it is so simple to use is much more important. It will not take a user long to go through the tutorials that will teach them how to use the software step by step. Your business can quickly have their own publishing experts.

What does it Require

This software is compatible with just about all Windows Operating systems. A business needs to make sure that they can publish reports and any other things in a cost effective manner. This software will accomplish that goal. It will be able to put together professional looking books that can be stored and transmitted digitally. It is the new way to do things if you want to have a successful business.


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