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Now, you can easily extract your needed leads from the leading social networking and media website popularly known as Facebook. With FB Leads Extractor, users can easily extract the info of a diverse number of contacts from Facebook to track or distinguish probable partners in business or prospective customers. Users can greatly advantage from using FB Leads Extractor to smoothly and easily capture the info of many contacts for a specific event category.
With FB Leads Extractor, users are able to perform data retrieval and restoration process, as well as do various searching tasks for the purpose of finding your needed information. You can easily export all the data or information you retrieved to a text type of file or assessed in the software application’s main window. FB Leads Extractor is truly the beneficial software to use when it comes to extracting leads from Facebook pages and accounts.

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FB Leads Extractor Expectations

It’s really a great opportunity that FB Leads Extractor is made to help many online business people and affiliate marketers. This software application helps users gather and save the information of prospective contact people, which includes but not limited to likes statistics, name of the company, websites and email addresses, cellular or landline phone numbers, physical addresses, as well as the name of the company and many more. Since FB Leads Extractor is using the lead generating network interface on Facebook, you can extract leads in a matter of minutes. From any location or area, you can use any keyword set or category to search for leads easily. Likewise, you may use geographic distance or post codes to obtain more exact lead results. With FB Leads Extractor, you can effortlessly generate lead sales directly from the pages of your Facebook you are able to generate more contacts for your business and boost your productivity level more.

With FB Leads Extractor, users can:

  • Gather and save contact information from Facebook
  • Extract leads in no time
  • Search leads smoothly by using keyword set or any category
  • Generate lead sales directly from your FB pages

System Requirements and Limitations of FB Leads Extractor

For online companies and internet-based entrepreneurs who are planning to use FB Leads Extractor, they need to adhere to using the right operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 200 and Windows NT. Of course, the prospective users of this software must basically have a Facebook account to enjoy the benefits and features of FB Leads Extractor. If you’re planning to use the FB Leads Extractor, keep in mind that you need to follow everything that this post suggested. Use only the commended versions of Windows operating system such as those given above. Always make it a point that your personal computer uses FB Leads Extractor compatible Windows operating system versions.


With all the benefits and features of FB Leads Extractor, it’s therefore concluded that this software package is the most helpful and advantageous to all web-based business people and marketers. FB Leads Extractor is the best buy and can help businesses increase their profitability and revenue inflow.


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