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eDocScan 1 standalone license Coupon

eDocScan, 1 standalone license is probably a clever approach for indexing zonal OCR in the marketplace today. You can take advantage of this software much further since it help you index filenames, distinguish and index barcodes, segregate documents instantly and scan checking, whenever. In addition, eDocScan 1 standalone license is offering its prospective users the smoothest way to utilize a platform for scanning purposes, which will definitely function well just like all devices for scanning in the market today, without giving much consideration if you are using an MFP formatted unit, document scanning tool, or even a flatbed scanning program. Well, if you are searching for the easiest approach to scan your documents, eDocScan 1 standalone license is finally the one that can fulfill your needs. This software program can help users in any way possible that primarily include scanning, organizing and exporting all sorts of documents used in the offices and workplaces. This software package is really advantageous for all users who own different devices such as tablet and mobile gadgets because they can access their documents and files anywhere they wish to.

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Expectations of eDocScan, 1 standalone license

Since eDocScan, 1 standalone license comes with a one-of-a-kind combination of very advanced type of technology in terms of scanning documents and many other related tasks, buy it is really worth the money you paid for! This is the most preferable software you can use to put all your documents in order and improve them the way they must be. There is no other application program that can match the superior quality and advanced features that eDocScan, 1 standalone license only can offer. With eDocScan, 1 standalone license, you can definitely take advantage of the following advantages:

  • Separates batches of documents automatically
  • Routes document automatically
  • Indexes zonal OCR intelligently
  • Configures profiles of workflow scanning
  • Transforms a PDF document to a Word file.

eDocScan, 1 standalone license was made and launched in the marketplace by CPI S.A., one of the world’s leader in providing solutions when it comes to managing documents and scanning process requirements.

Operating and PC System Requirements

If you really like to start using eDocScan, 1 standalone license, your personal computer would need one of the following operating system versions:

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows XP


Downloading and installing this software package in your favorite personal computer is as easy as counting sheep at night because the download link is quickly available online through a designated website just like the one your viewing right now. For your information, eDocScan, 1 standalone license now has about 10,000+ users registered around the world, so it is really worth your time, money and effort to purchase this program.


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