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EA Happy Forex v1.6 Coupon

For traders who would like to maintain low rate of drawdown and stable income, the best software package to use is none other than EA Happy Forex v1.6, the newest and most updated application program of its kind in the marketplace today. Among the best benefit of EA Happy Forex v1.6 is the fact it is utilizing grid strategy (reinsurance positions) minus the possibility of lots increasing or the absence of martingale. EA Happy Forex v1.6 at the same time is utilizing an indicator (technical analyzing system) for secured market entrance. The FFCal Setting of EA Happy Forex v1.6 includes inputs for news filtering process for the purpose of telling EA to steer clear of trading awkward hours ahead and following a high, low or medium release in the news. EA Happy Forex v1.6 comes with filter spreading system to use in maximizing spreads allowed. This application package includes Safe Equity Risk to help users in determining should EA Happy Forex conclude all of its operations when the equity account percentage happens to be in a loss floating status.

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Expectations of EA Happy Forex v1.6

Likewise, users can restrict the number of orders open sinceEA Happy Forex v1.6 includes Open Orders Limit feature. You never have to worry because this software package comes with both take profit (in pips) and stop loss (in pips) features at the same time to properly manage the amount of profit gained and loss incurred your account through Single Order SL and Single Order TP, respectively. Now with EA Happy Forex v1.6, the loss level reaches up to the drawdown allowable prior to closing of a trading day.

Additionally, EA Happy Forex v1.6 also includes Open Orders Limit Day for easier setting up of open orders limitation for several days. EA Happy Forex v1.6 is specifically created for the sake of both professional and expert foreign exchange traders in the market today. You can use this application package for trading on all sorts of big trade providers accounts through its Metatrader system. With EA Happy Forex v1.6, you may expect the best advantages such as:

  • Maintains low rate of drawdown and stable income.
  • Utilizes grid strategy (reinsurance positions).
  • Utilizes an indicator (technical analyzing system) for secured market entrance.
  • Includes inputs for news filtering process.
  • Comes with filter spreading system used in maximizing spreads allowed.
  • Includes Safe Equity Risk and Open Orders Limit Day main features.

Operating and PC System Requirements

For traders or brokers who are planning to start using EA Happy Forex v1.6, the best move is to run their personal computers with the best operating system versions like these:

  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows 2003


This software package comes with diverse types of settings and options which is not hindered to just a single pair of currency. EA Happy Forex v1.6 functions very well to all brokers up to a maximum spreads of level 4. This online program comes with secured settings that foreign exchange enthusiasts can tap into.


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