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The switch to digital music has allowed people to listen to all of their music in a new ay. Instead of constantly changing the albums on the turntable, or looking through stacks of CDs to find the song you want to listen to, you can store your music on a digital media player. The digital media players can store thousands of songs for you to listen to.

The access that the digital media players provide is great. But it also creates a new problem to deal with. If all of your songs are stored on separate tracks, it is not easy to put them tighter into one group that you can play.

Create a Single File

The Direct MP3 Joiner is the solution to that problem. With this software, you can combine all of your MP3 files into a single file. The MP3 files can be easily merged together or they can be joined together. A person who is very good with computers could probably accomplish the same thing, but it would not be easy.

If you are not an expert, or if you do not like doing things the hard way, than this software that is free to download could be the answer you are looking for. Take your favorite music tracks that are stored in your computer and combine them into a single MP3 file that will allow you to create a non-stop audio CD.

If you want to put a short silent break between the tracks that you are combining, this tool will do it for you. It will also allow you to change the sequence of your files in the way that you want to. The software offers several tools that you can use with the click of a button to sort the files the way that you want.

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What are the Features

There is a free trial version that you can download. It uses the windows operating system. There are several features that you can get if you download the full version of this software. They include:

  • Full MP3 Tag support
  • Easy manual editing of tags that are created
  • Change the order of the files that are being joined
  • Variable bitrate support
  • Easy to use interface

There will be plenty of people who will find uses for this software. People who play music professionally will be able to create the MP3 files they need for any occasion. The individual, who has amassed a great collection of music on their computer, will be able to turn it into something that is much better. Direct MP3 Joiner is suited for both home and business use. The software can be downloaded quickly to your computer. Once you have downloaded, getting started is easy. The drag and drop features makes it simple for any user.


One of the fears that many people have when they are downloading software is safety. They do not want to put something on their computer that will cause problems. The Direct MP3 Joiner is virus free. There will be no unwanted surprises when you download the software. The only surprise you will have is how well the software works.


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