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Android link same game maker Coupon

Interactive games played online, especially those powered by Android are widely-used these days that is the reason enthusiasts or developers are seeking for a software program that can produce more innovative games. Android Link-Same Game Maker can effortlessly come up with applications pertaining to Link-Same gaming in about a couple of minutes or so. With this online supportive program, users are able to personalize the kind of games they wish to play using gadgets powered by Android.
Likewise, users can increase their online profits through the help of this program by means of Android application maker distribution to various markets carrying Android. As soon as people fell on the games you’re offering, you’ll surely have a broad range of followers. A different approach to augment your earnings is through commission basis by clicking the advertisements powered by Admob within the application.

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The advertisements from Admob pay its users in terms of spreading the ads game applications akin to AdSense of Google. On the 5th month of 2012 (May), Admob came into existence after the success of Google. Users can enter their AdSense identification in place of Admob identification for the purpose of showing advertisements in your applications. All you have to do is to publish the applications you have to invite more followers to download, as well as use the applications you’re offering.


A noteworthy advantage of utilizing this Android software package is the reason you are able to take pleasure from unlimited gaming hours. This will definitely boost your body’s reflexes, as well as provide the kind of unwinding you need. Because you’re creating your personalized gaming system, you may just be playing games you prefer.

The best thing to know is that this program is shareable to many people aside from you that would mean an additional source of income for you. Another thing to note about this software package is that it supports widely used MS Windows OS programs (7/XP/2003). This application comes less difficult when it comes to configuration since it lets people perform photo importation, creation of personalized buttons, timer modification, and first round duration customization. There are diverse numbers of things you’ll uncover as you start using Android Link-Same Game Maker today! With Android Link-Same Game Maker, you may take advantage of the following features:

  • 3-level playing method application configuration
  • Admob ad function built in
  • 3-step same game application link creation
  • Easy-to-use platform

Operating System Requirements

You can successfully run Android Link-Same Game Maker, provided that you only use the following Microsoft Windows operating systems given below:

  • MS Windows 7
  • MS Windows XP
  • MS Windows 2003
  • MS Windows 2000


This application program was created to let users come up with their personalized gaming system then make profits out of it in the future. In the same way, this software package is successfully promoted by Admob, and for this reason, spreading the applications makes them free from any obligations. There are surely diverse numbers of benefits you can reap while using this software package.


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