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Portable media players are great. They allow you to take your music, videos and pictures wherever you want to go. Some of the most popular portable media players are the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Millions of people are using these devices, despite one major drawback. Your Portable Media Device needs Aimersoft iTransfer for Windows.

To add content to the media players, you have to use iTunes. Some people like to use this and are not able to back up all of the things they have sorted on their devices. Aimersoft iTransfer for Windows changes that. It allows people to use their favorite media device without having to depend on iTunes.

What Can It Do

The Aimersoft iTransfer for Windows is software that allows you to store the media content that you want on your computer. Aimersoft iTransfer for Windows will transfer the content to your media player from your computer.

Transferring files from your computer to your device and from your device to your computer will help you in many different ways.
Backing up your Content. If your media player breaks or if it loses the content on it for some reason, you do not have to fear when you have downloaded the Aimersoft iTransfer for Windows. You can create a backup of all of the content. This allows you to easily replace any content that is lost on your device.
Converting your Files
Audio and video files come in many different format is. The software will convert your files to the format that your media device needs.
Organize your files
The software will help you keep all of your media content organized. Transfer all or just par to your media content to your portable devices

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How Do You Get It

The download is simple to do. You can choose from a free trial version so that you do not risk anything. You can also choose to download the full version whenever you want. The download and installation of this software is fast and easy. You will need to have a computer with a windows operating system that has a processor of at least 1GHz. You need at least 512 MB of Ram and 1 GB of free hard disk space on your computer.

As long as your computer meets or beats these minimum requirements, you will be able to install and use the software. Once you have installed Aimersoft iTransfer for Windows, you will want to start backing up your media content. The good news is that it is not difficult. You will quickly be able to understand how to transfer information back and forth between your media device and your computer. Once you have transferred it, the information is saved.
How you organize the information is up to you. Each person will have a way that they like to do that. No matter what way you want to organize your information Aimersoft iTransfer for Windows will be able to help you.


Avoid the frustration that occurs when you try to turn on your portable media player and it does not work. Stop worrying about what format your media content is in. Turn to Aimersoft iTransfer for Windows for the solutions you need.


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