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February 14, 2013Audio & Video


AimerSoft DRM Media Converter Coupon

Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is a software program for conversion of media files. By media files I mean both audio and video files. By the way if you pay attention to the name of this software then you will see there three letters which are part of the reviewed software name.

What Does DRM Mean?

After searching on Google I found that DRM means Digital Rights Management. I will try to explain the meaning of this very simple in this review. I am sure any of you know what mean audio file or video file. Now how to be when you have a video or audio file which you want to sale instead of share it for free. Here comes the DRM concept which helps you protect your media files.

Usually this method is used by different media companies in order to sale their content. So it seems the right think at the first sight but there are a lot of restrictions. For example, you will not be able to play these media materials where you want and how you want.

What Restrictions Does DRM Have?

In order to play content based on DRM protection you need special media players and devices. Here comes AimerSoft DRM Media Converter to help you.

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The functionality of this software is very simple: start it, choose the file you want to convert and that’s all. Maybe you think that it’s not legal but I can assure you that this process is perfectly legal if after the conversion you’ll keep the files on your computer and won’t share them.

Most Important Features

  • You can remove DRM protection from any video and audio file which will allows you to exclude any restrictions related to devices or players.
  • The software can work with any type of media files and it doesn’t matter if these files have DRM protection or not.
  • It’s fully operational software which can convert any media file from one format to another. The numbers of available formats cover more than 98% of all most known media formats.

I tried the trial version of this software and I must say it works just perfect.

Unfortunately I didn’t have any DRM media file so I wasn’t able to check how it removes such type of protection. Anyway I did a simple test. I had a video file in ASF format and converted it to MP4 format.


The conversion worked quickly and the quality was the same as before. That’s why I recommend this software to all users who look for an easy way to convert your media files from one format to another.

Finally don’t forget that the main reason why you need this software is the possibility to remove DRM protection. Thus it allows you to play any media files without any restrictions.


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