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3D Page Flip Professional Coupone

Are you looking for software that will help you turn boring PDF pages into fun creative and attention grabbing pages? Look no further than 3D page flip professional which is software that is guaranteed to help give you the best multimedia for your PDF files. This is not simply any other kind of 3D software as this gives you realistic flash effects. If you’re a designer at heart, you will really have fun with this software as it does offer a lot of design options. There are many tools present in the software that make it easy for just about anyone to create multimedia effects.

What 3D Page Flip does

This software allows you to create PDF files with multimedia in them. You can create anything from flipbooks to flip magazines to flash product catalogs. 3D Page Flip Professional allows you to easily important different kinds of format be it OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, Excel or even PowerPoint. You can then use these imported documents to create 3D magazines, brochures, flash pages etc.

This feature also comes with a batch convert function. This means you can convert multiple files at once, without having to wait for the files to be converted one at a time. There are different elements involved in multimedia and once you’ve embedded them, you have the option of surprising your readers by including having 360 degree turn of an object, 3D videos as well as 3D sphere gallery.

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This software also recognizes the presence of different needs. That’s why it offers different ways of sharing the content you’ve created. Additionally, it even supports CD burning. Once you are through with creating your multimedia, you can easily upload PageFlip online. This can be done through the software itself that has a button that allows you to upload your content online. It also has features that allow you to customize anything from the toolbar, background, and the logo of your book.

System Requirements

Pentium processor is needed, or anything similar to it. The software also requires you to have at least 64MB RAM. 3D Page Flip Professional works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 2000.


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